When we're feeling a little rebellious, typically we reach for a double Scotch, neat, or some other drink we think Jesse James would order. Never before have we thought of wine as a beverage that could feed our outlaw spirit, but that changed recently when we discovered Bandit.

Bandit is one of a handful of wines produced by Three Thieves, a northern California company run by three friends, all of whom have cast their traditional winery experience aside in favor of becoming the self-proclaimed “Robin Hoods” of wine country.

Instead of growing their own grapes, these rascals buy excess juice from various local high-end vineyards for a “steal,” mix their own unique blends, then sell the little hybrids at a $10 price point. Out of this rogue winemaking process have come several interesting concoctions that, like the outlaws themselves, venture a bit outside of tradition.

There's Firehose, a Reisling specifically for spicy foods, an organic blend they call True Earth, and even a Newman's Own bottle. (How very Butch Cassidy of them.)

The one we're most fired up about, Bandit, somehow manages to be badass and eco-friendly at the same time. You won't find Bandit racked among the classy French pinots. It can hang standing straight up, since it comes in a carton. And right on the back of that carton is a list of 10 reasons to give it a try. Our favorites include, because it 1) “tastes good!” (it does), and 10) “you can crush it on your forehead when you're done! ” The carton also tells us that it's made mostly of renewable resources – Tetra Prisma™ to be specific, which is comprised of 70% paper. Over the long haul, using this cardboard-like box manages to reduce the packaging waste associated with bottled wine by 90%. Also, it is more efficient and lightweight to transport wine in Tetra Prisma™ than in bottles, which reduces carbon dioxide emissions and saves fuel. And if that's not enough, at a liter, Bandit includes 33% more wine than a typical bottle. That was it – we were sold. We bought it, tried it, and were suddenly ready to go all Thelma & Louise on the world.

Bandit comes in a Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Merlot, Pinot Grigio and most recently a Sangria. Look for it at Silver Lake Wine and various Henry's Market locations.

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