That thermometer you pass on the way to Las Vegas is an icon for every real-life Hangover and Fear And Loathing adventure ever.

And now you can put it in the trunk of your road-trip convertible and take it home if you so desire.

All you need for the World's Tallest Thermometer a.k.a. the World's Largest Thermometer is a little cash:

$1.75 million, to be exact. Yep, it's for sale.

Baron Castillo of Coldwell Banker in Encino tells the Weekly that, despite the sky-high asking price, two billboard companies have already expressed interested in the Baker, California listing, which he's handling for owner Matt Pike of Orange County.

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One of the ideas for a prospective new buyer is converting the lighting to an LED billboard that can flash rotating advertisements to the thousands of motorists who fly by on the 15 en route to Sin City, Castillo says.

The buyer will also get the gift shop at the base of the thermometer and its six-acre parcel, Castillo said: The old Bun Boy eatery next door is not part of the sale.

He said the vacant gift shop has been refurbished:

It's all been redone. It's pretty nice looking now.

The 13-story thermometer, which has become an eyesore as a result of its disrepair, was built in 1991 by then owner Willis Herron to attract tourists to his Bun Boy restaurant. It had to be rebuilt shortly after its inauguration when high desert winds toppled it.

The thing is 134 feet tall, symbolizing the world-record high temperature of 134 set in Death Valley in 1913.



We're just glad it's not a rectal thermometer.

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