Tuesday morning, we headed downtown for E3 prepared to check out the video game industry's newest offerings. There was one problem, though. We couldn't get badges.

We'll save you the long, boring story about not getting into the event. It happens. Apparently, it happens more often than we thought it would. We met a few people roaming around the convention center without badges and asked them about their experience. Their responses are in the video below.

We spent the bulk of Tuesday at the Los Angeles Convention Center trying to figure out how far we could get without the appropriate plastic-covered paper hanging from our necks. Inside the Convention Center, we could get as far as the entrance of the exhibit hall. Of course, that's where most of the action is. We were able to peer through the doors and think that somewhere inside, there were games that might become our new favorites, if only we could see them.

Going badgeless at E3 isn't as sad as you might think, though. There are exhibits set up in the public areas of the Convention Center. We were able to catch a glimpse of Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II.

Outside, there were a handful of booths, people handing out freebies and a Plants vs. Zombies dance. If you had a badge, you could get free food at a hamburger truck. If you didn't have a badge, or just didn't feel like standing in line, there were more food trucks across the street.

If you go to E3 without a badge, you'll still get a feel for the event, even if you can't participate in the majority of it. There's always the chance, too, that you'll find your ticket for entry hanging out of the recycling bin. We may have come home with sunburns instead of swag, but it was still worth it.

Special thanks to L.A.-based, video game-influenced artist NVR-NDR who let us use his music for this video.

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