We've spent the week curating our picks for the Best of Artisanal LA:

Peanut Butter S'more Pie from I Heart Pies: Why top your pie with something as banal as a crust when you could top it with a springy layer of caramelized marshmallow?

Pork Rillette & Compound Butter at Villebois Kitchen: Their attention to detail and respect for traditional foodways makes all their handmade pâtés, rillettes, compound butters and quiches worth trying.

Compartes' Peanut Butter Spread: For the first time, the Brentwood chocolatier is selling their peanut butter cream filling on its own. $8 for an 8-oz. jar.

Chicks With Knives' Bacon Jam: Even at $12 for a 6-oz. jar, this sweet/savory delight (powered as much by caramelized onions as by bacon) sold out by Sunday afternoon.

Cold Brewed Cola : I'd sworn off the soda/coffee combo until I tried the Cold Brewed Cola at the Cheese Cave booth, which should be coming to L.A. in the near future via a food cart.

But what about the runners-up? Turn the page…

Bacon Couch Mix: Why call it trail mix when you know most of us eat it while parked on the couch? That's the motto of Cast Iron Gourmet, which adds smokey bacon chunks to its non-traditional snack mix.

Welsh Cakes: Halfway between a cookie and a scone, these solid but fluffy cakes traditionally eaten by miners and made only in two varieties (plain or with currants) are now being peddled in a variety of nouveau flavors at Celtic fairs and beyond.

Beachy Cream: Their signature ice cream sandwich, the Ginger Wipe Out, is two molasses spice cookies with a scoop of candied ginger ice cream,

Homegirl Cafe: After a day of bacon, hot sauce, pickles, jams, pies and chocolate, Homegirl's spinach mint lemonade was a refreshing treat. It's good any time of year, and despite its green color, you'll barely know you're drinking spinach.

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