What’s with the meat? Our web editor brought in his bacon wallet a few days ago. Then one of our computer guys said that he had a bacon wallet, too. He muttered something about “bringing home the bacon.” There are all kinds of meat-themed accessories to be had these days.

(1) Here’s a Raw Kobe Beef iPod Nano Pouch, from GeekStuff4U. It costs $95 and is pretty close to the best thing I’ve ever seen. Except for the $95 part. For that amount of cash, you could almost have dinner for two at Fogo de Chao on La Cienega and eat all the spit-grilled meat you want.

(2) A close up of the Beef iPod cover. See the delicate marbling.

(3) Raw meat business card holder. Popular among non-vegan salarimen. From Rakuten. The site is in Japanese, though.

(4) Meat pencil toppers. Are they erasers? Whatever. These cuts of meat turn your yellow #2 pencil into meat works of art.

(5) Bacon Air Freshener. “It sets the mood for ‘makin’ bacon’,” a friend said when I asked him what he thought of this.

(6) Bacon bandages. You know when someone punches you in the eye and you put raw steak on it to make it better? Same concept, only smaller. Fifteen strips in a pack. Never doubt the healing properties of meat. (From Gags and Goods)

(7) Meat-esque Keyboard. Okay, if you look up close, it’s not really meat. It’s pink flowers on a white background that look like meat from far away. Flora that looks like fauna that feels like awesome.

Then, there's always this…

The ever popular Bacon Bra. Photo courtesy of bkusler on Flicker. The ultimate meat-as-accessory item. So, I believe the story is that his friend made this bra for him as a present. She agreed to let the photo be posted online as long as he cropped her face out. Bkusler writes on his site: “We totally deep fried the bacon and ate it later.”

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