Animal rights activists are concerned that a baby elephant born at the Portland zoo could end up in the hands of Hollywood animal trainers accused of past abuse (video after the jump).

The Seattle Times reported this week that the Riverside County company Have Trunk Will Travel has rights to the 300-pound Asian female born to mother Rose-Tu Friday.

Matt Rossell, campaigns director at Animal Defenders International, explained to the Weekly that …

… Have Trunk owns the father, Tusko, and has a “breeding agreement” giving it rights to the offspring.

The organization pointed to video uploaded last year that it says shows an elephant squealing during abusive training at the Have Trunk facility in Perris.

More video evidence of movie elephant suffering… from Animal Defenders on Vimeo.

We reached out to Have Trunk but have yet to hear back.

So will the baby go Hollywood? A representative stated last night that “Have Trunk Will Travel has no intention and has never had any intention of coming to take Rose-Tu's calf.”

The Times says:

Oregon Zoo officials quietly cut a deal to give up the second, fourth and sixth offspring between Rose-Tu, owned by the zoo, and Tusko, a prolific male owned by Have Trunk Will Travel.

Portland zoo officials said they'd negotiate with Have Trunk to keep the elephant at the zoo.

Rossell told us:

We're very concerned that this baby could end up in harm's way with this company.

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