How do you fix a broken tuba? Use a tuba glue, of course — and just as “wacky” is the concept of the annual Merry Tuba Christmas, under the stars and in the frigid nip (48 degrees at least) of winter in beautiful downtown Glendale. Hundreds (!) of tuba and euphonium players alike from Southern California will play Christmas favorites — be sure to put your request in early for “Jingle Bells / Batman Smells” — along with a singing audience as accompaniment. That means you. Don't just mouth the lyrics, you chicken. Special guests: the Tubadours tuba troupe and Santa Claus, the tuba in mythology's many-splendored orchestra. Wagner, Mahler, Strauss, Mancini — they've all written pieces for tuba, so if it's good enough for them, take your right finger out of your ears, point it skyward and rotate it in a counter-clockwise fashion.

Sun., Dec. 6, 7 p.m., 2009

LA Weekly