Avengers to Assemble in Long Beach: Penelope Houston’s OG punks the Avengers never, ever disappoint, even if the current lineup doesn’t much resemble the original band. Doesn’t matter – Houston is a bonafide star, and “We Are the One” is a bonafide punk classic. Storm House, Cosmic Kitten and Self Improvement also play.

This writer chatted with Houston back in 2020, and she said of their old songs that, “The messages of the songs are sadly still relevant in this time. They stand up and those messages still need to be out there. And I just get a great feeling performing those songs, every time I do it — it doesn’t matter what decade it’s in.”

“One of the great things is when you see somebody who was actually there back then,” she continued. “Who remembers what the world was like before the internet and everything, when you had to find out about shows by looking on poles for posters or calling your friends up on an old fashioned telephone. When I see those people, I feel a camaraderie with them certainly, because there’s an understanding. Yes, we lived through that, it actually happened. It’s not just a bunch of old black and white photos — it actually happened to us.”

Avengers to Assemble in Long Beach: The events takes place at 8 p.m. on Friday, September 23 at Alex’s Bar.

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