Author Lucien Mars issues urgent warning in “The Last Harvest,” outlining a sinister plan for global depopulation set to commence in 2025

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Researcher and archivist Lucien Mars, with collaborator and publisher Damien Dumar, has released a shocking collection of evidence culminating in a worldwide genocidal depopulation plan in “The Last Harvest: A Secret History of Lucifera, Aliens, The Illuminati & the Fate of Humanity.” Tackling a broad range of sources from ancient history to the modern political and economic elite, the book exposes the grand, interconnected plan to depopulate the globe as prescribed by the Georgia Guidestones.

This provocative volume spans quotes from world leaders, hidden historical fragments, mythological connections to present-day problems, long-held secrets about the involvement of extraterrestrials in human development, the heightening frequency of global disasters, and the three-way war among the Majians, Anunnaki, and Reptilians, among other elements of a centuries-long timeline of hidden truths.

After decoding a ME (pronounced “may”) crystal containing ancient galactic history predating the colonization of Earth, the author and his associates made new discoveries about the continuing battles between the reptilian CiaKhar Empire and Nebu Gray Empire on Earth, and that war’s ties to a New World Order agenda to reduce the population of the planet to just 500 million people, along with the establishment of “resettlement” camps and PSY-OPS squads as outlined in a US Army Field Manual for the purpose of “re-education” and population control. These are earmarked as labor camps with an undetermined duration or family segregation.

A sweeping exploration of past, present, and future, the core message of the book is an urgent warning for the entire planet. The nefarious plans of the global elite, empowered by the otherworldly and extraterrestrial forces that fuel their lust for power, pose a constant and legitimate threat to humans around the world, and this eye-opening book seeks to rebalance the lopsided power dynamic that has kept people in the dark for ages.

While the book is educational about a wide range of topics overlooked by mainstream society, the central premise is one of impending danger that affects every member of society in every country on Earth. The Georgia Guidestones, endorsed by many world leaders, espouse a direct mandate to depopulate by 90%, equating to the eradication of 7.5 billion people worldwide beginning in the year 2025. “The Last Harvest” speaks directly to this urgent concern, showing the long history leading to the execution of this sinister plan and providing multifaceted evidence of its perpetuation across world governments and religions.

By exposing the numerous threads pulling civilization toward disaster, from Lucifera to the Illuminati, alien races to reptilian-human hybridization, Mars and Dumar shed light on a world beyond the scope of most social awareness, and provide a much-needed call to action for resisting the machinations of the New World Order. Through diligent research and aggregation of interdisciplinary sources, the author presents a detailed overview of the history hidden by those who seek control and wealth, creating a framework for understanding humanity’s place in the universe – and the threats that seek to destroy it.

“The Last Harvest” is an alarming, informative message of existential threats to life as we know it, rooted in centuries of plotting and misunderstood warnings in plain sight. Readers will have their beliefs shaken, their minds opened, and their sense of urgency stoked page after page.

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