There are only four days left in the countdown to Cosmogramma.

The highly anticipated new album from Flying Lotus drops next week, and in honor of that landmark day, FlyLo and Warp have released an augmented reality app for PC and Mac called Fieldlines.

The program allows webcam-having users enter the album art, essentially, and bat around those sketchy geometric orbs, which in turn warps the lines emanating outward from the sun-like object.

The payoff, of course, is aural, as each movement augments the harp and ghostly choral noises coming from the speakers.

This isn't the first time FlyLo has ventured into similar terrain. His website also features two arcade-style video games, Attack and Destroy, launched to celebrate the releases of his Reset EP and Los Angeles LP.

Download the app here. Recommended snack pairing: “A Fish Called Juana” crackers.

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