It's been four long years since Au Revoir Simone released a new album, with the three singer-keyboardists busying themselves with other pursuits during that time. Heather D'Angelo finished her environmental-biology degree, Annie Hart had a baby and collaborated with Uninhabitable Mansions and Pursesnatchers, while Erika Forster released a languidly lovely electropop EP under the name Erika Spring. The Brooklyn trio is back in typically entrancing form on fourth album Move in Spectrums, whose title reflects the increasing variety of colors in their palette. Softly soothing, conspiratorial vocals ride serenely over the boxy drums, keyboard-light glimmer and spacey echoes of “The Lead Is Galloping” in a most captivating fashion. The whispered, candied confessions of “Gravitron” are a pure synth sugar rush, while the video for the more guitar-based gem “Crazy” is a really cute, perfectly realized parody of the Martin Scorsese film After Hours.

Tue., Oct. 22, 8:30 p.m., 2013

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