Arcadia-based tea house AU 79 Tea House is expanding. The Taiwanese boba restaurant is set to open its Pasadena store on Friday, April 20. All drinks will be 50% off on opening day.

Named AU 79 Tea Express, the new shop is located just across the street from Pasadena City College. “We want to reach out to a different demographic,” AU 79 spokesperson Megan Lee said.

The main difference between the old and new: There are no servers at the Pasadena location. “The new location is more tailored to ordering and picking up to make it more convenient for many of the students,” Lee said. “The menu at the Pasadena location will have more snack selections and less entrée choices.”

In addition to the regular boba lineup, menu items include marinated pork with rice, Chinese sausage, curry chicken, crispy chicken, fried tempura, fried sweet potato, and brick toast. Drinks will only come in one size — large.

Pasadena location; Credit: AU 79 Tea Express

Pasadena location; Credit: AU 79 Tea Express

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