Atta Boy Recalls Alex G: Eden Brolin of L.A. indie-pop band Atta Boy told us about her Alex G experience. 

Eden Brolin: Like many contributors to this column before me have prefaced– I have seen some magnificent and awe-striking shows that have inspired me, transported me, and made perfect imprints on my life. Truth be told, anyone who dares to share something they’ve created in front of an audience is amazing to me, especially considering my band’s track record when it comes to playing live (it doesn’t exist). That being said, it was undeniably hard deciding what to choose as THE best gig I ever saw. But here we are.

Only last December, I was driving my partner to his Christmas gift; a show I had rushed to buy tickets for about 7 months prior. The gift was for him, but I was stoked to be along for the ride, hence gifting myself the second ticket. We escape the cold inside this little venue that looks like an old arcade after seeing the Pennsylvania-plated tour van in the parking lot and he finally knows what I know. We’re seeing Alex G.

We all stood together with our masks on and watched Exum open. He brought an extraordinary intimacy to the crowd, just profoundly open, in perfect fuck-it mode, while he shared what seemed like his deepest secrets with us. After Exum opens, Alex G. starts his set with the intro to Gretel, and, man, it is just a right-place-right-time kind of moment–and knowing that I was in a small sea of people that felt the same way just had something downright immaculate about it. We watched a group that seemed to enjoy what they were playing and genuinely admire each other’s musical abilities as much as the audience did. Alex G.’s years of practice manifested a sense of true fun on stage, walking around in different subgenres and vocal qualities, mapping a dotted line for the listener drawn instinctually, following what felt right and good, without straying from a certain consistency that makes it all somehow cohesive. This show was not only a stellar Christmas gift that wasn’t even for me to enjoy, but it made me realize how much I want to be a part of this era of indie music.

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