Here's something you didn't need to know:

ATM keypads are as dirty as public toilet seats, according to British researchers. The enterprising scientists put their gloves on and took swabs from England's cash machines and finest porcelain and found both to be equally buggy.

We're talking pseudomonads and bacillus, bacteria that can make you sick and cause the very runs that would put you on that public toilet seat in a hurry.

Here's a scenario: A dirty ATM keypad will land you on a dirty toilet seat. Discuss.

“We were surprised by our results because the ATM machines were shown to be heavily contaminated with bacteria; to the same level as nearby public lavatories,” said researcher Richard Hastings, microbiologist for BioCote.

Ah, but who's got something to shill? BioCote, which sells antibacterial coating.


In any case, this just shows why we use our knuckles to punch in our own PIN number.

Do you know what's dirtier than an ATM?

-Octomom's Diaper Genie.

-Paula Abdul at an all-men's college.

-Bell City Hall last year.

-Charlie Sheen's sheets.

-The long edge of Lindsay Lohan's platinum card.

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