It was only a matter of time.

Ever since L.A. funkstronaut Dâm-Funk emerged with a new take on this city's electro-rap past, he's been frequently cited as cutting that old '80s dope with the stuff that spiced up the '90s: G-funk.

That latter medium emerged from the likes of Dr. Dre and DJ Quik — straight outta Compton, of course — growing out of West Coast rap's infatuation with Parliament-Funkadelic and, well, sounding like stone-cold yet sunshine-loving gangsters.

One such fellow, Aaron Tyler, was so damn gangsta, he cavalierly discarded the “g” from his nom de bang, MC Eiht. The onetime Crip and former member of Compton's Most Wanted has released 13 albums over the past 15 years.

And lest we forget, he played A-Wax in Menace II Society. Also, Stones Throw records — the label behind Funk's freshly dropped collaboration with Eiht — would like us to “respect him as the originator of the phrase 'Gyeah,' which has been bitten and jacked by every MC and rapper on the planet, including Jay Z.”

So there. Download and stream this new version of “Hood Pass Intact,” a track that originally appeared as an instrumental on Funk's stellar 5LP collection, Toeachizown. Um, and check out our selector's mean chorus croon.

Could Dâm-Funk be the new Nate Dogg, but with Dre's beat-making prowess?

Dam-Funk: Hood Pass Intact feat. MC Eiht by stonesthrow

The song will get its proper release on the forthcoming “Hood Pass Intact” 12-inch, which also includes Funk's first on-record collaboration with former Slave frontman Steve Arrington.

More info via Stones Throw.

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