Do you like steak frites? How much do you like steak frites? A lot? Well, good, because there's a restaurant opening soon that serves steak frites … and nothing else. 

And now we have an opening date for this steak-frites-only restaurant. L'Assiette will open next week, on March 20. And, OK, that “nothing else” is a bit of an overstatement – you will be able to choose a salad or sorrel soup as an appetizer, and order cheese and/or dessert afterwards. But for the main dish, steak frites is what you're getting. 

]L'Assiette is the brainchild of restaurateurs Jacques and Marc Fiorentino. The father and son pair wanted to bring their favorite Paris dining experience to Los Angeles. “Some of my best memories growing up were going with my father to Le Relais de Venise, a Parisian restaurant that specialized in steak-frites” says Marc. They argue that theirs will be a superior steak frites to any other in L.A. because they can focus on the one dish alone.

It does seem that this one dish will get a lot of attention. According to press materials, the grilled sirloin and pommes frites will:

…be served in two separate portions. Guests will be served one portion, and when appropriate, served a second helping of piping hot steak-frites. “The dish is only perfect when the pommes frites are hot,” says Fiorentino. “We want the proper appreciation of it to last throughout the meal.”

There will be a beer and wine list, and the cheese course will be served from a cheese cart that prices cheeses by the ounce.

L'Assiette will be open to the public on Thurs., March 20. 

L'Assiette, 7166 Melrose Ave, Fairfax. (323) 274-2319.

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