Assessing Team Performance Should Include Emotional Factors, Says Vegas Kings Founder Phillip Milan

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Upon meeting Vegas Kings founder and professional sports handicapper Phillip Milan, one of the first lessons he’ll share about sports wagering is that it’s a science, not an art. While Milan prides himself on making predictions based on data, not emotions, he does allow for one critical exception: in cases in which feelings drive facts.

For Phillip Milan, the draw to wagering on sports versus other types of gambling is that it’s more strategic than traditional casino games. An extensive knowledge of the sport combined with attention to important details like statistics and trend analysis are the ingredients to long-term success for those bold enough to place their first wager.

Vegas Kings has been able to deliver dependable financial gain to their clients. With a focus on building long-term relationships based on honesty and credibility, they excel at selecting winning picks and consistently achieving profits about 60%.

With over 10 years of experience, Milan knows better than to ignore a player’s state of mind and how it impacts the team’s collective headspace.

“Playing in different environments can impact a team’s performance. The home team typically has the advantage of playing on familiar turf, having a supportive crowd, and less travel time,” Milan says. “When playing away, teams may experience fatigue from traveling, unfamiliarity with the opposing team’s stadium and environment, and a hostile crowd. These factors can affect a team’s ability to perform at their best potential.”

Phillip Milan has a documented history of successful wagers and presents a transparent view of his successes and failures. Milan consistently says that handicappers have to get it wrong to get it right, and it’s clear that he has found the right approach.

“I’m pretty honest when I lose and when I win,” Milan says. “If I have a bad day, I’ll go on my Instagram story, tell people I didn’t win, and explain that it’s long term. You must have a long-term vision if you want to do this for a while, especially if you want to make money.”

While some sports betters focus more on the results of a particular game. Phillip focuses more on how he can build long term success for his clients. His impressive results that have quadrupled client’s bankrolls come from his experience working with data and statistics that allow him to see bets increasing on each games.

“I like to show my success through the long term results I’ve achieved through betting. Being able to start betting $100 a game and then eventually to betting $1,000 and then $10,000, even getting as high as $100k per game, is success to me,” says Milan.

Win or lose in the short term, those who heed the Vegas Kings founder’s advice are likely to walk away with their pockets lined with more than they started with.

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