Take the L.A. Weekly exit poll after the jump. We want to know why you voted for Betsy Butler or Richard Bloom.

While Assemblywoman Betsy Butler and Santa Monica Mayor Richard Bloom wait for election results to be confirmed in the too-close-to-call Assembly District 50 race, the Los Angeles County Registrar-Recorder has released voter totals for various parts of Los Angeles County — and we're going to break down the numbers right here.

Bloom, the underdog who's winning so far by a little more than 200 votes, kept the race close by not getting blown out in any one area, except for West Hollywood where Butler won convincingly 7,252 to 4,814 — more on that later.

Bloom did perform strongly, however, in Agoura Hills, Santa Monica, and Beverly Hills.

In Los Angeles, which includes voters in City Council districts 4, 5, 10, 11, and 13, Butler outpaced Bloom: Butler got 36,474 votes to Bloom's 35,129 (advantage Butler by 1,345 votes).

Butler won L.A. council districts 4, 10, and 13, with Bloom capturing 5 and 11, which are districts on L.A.'s Westside.

The rest of the breakdown works out this way:

– Agoura Hills: Bloom 3,977 and Butler 2,992 (advantage Bloom by 985 votes)

– Beverly Hills: Bloom 5,372 and Butler 3,877 (advantage Bloom by 1,495 votes)

– Calabasas: Bloom 24 and Butler 4 (advantage Bloom by 20 votes)

– Malibu: Bloom 2,154 and Butler 2,040 (advantage Bloom by 114 votes)

– Topanga: Butler 1,642 and Bloom 1,363 (advantage Butler by 279 votes)

– Santa Monica: Bloom 15,274 and Butler 13,840 (advantage Bloom by 1,434 votes)

– West Hollywood: Butler 7,252 and Bloom 4,814 (advantage Butler by 2,438 votes)

– Unincorporated areas: Bloom 3,709 and Butler 3,524 (advantage Bloom by 185 votes)

Political analyst Jaime Regalado predicted to L.A. Weekly that the gay vote would go to Bloom because gays and lesbians were angry at Butler over the rough primary battle between Butler and gay rights activist Torie Osborn. We don't have voter demographics for the Assembly District 50 race, but in heavily gay-populated West Hollywood Regalado's prediction may not have materialized.

What do all these numbers mean? Good question. Unfortunately, there isn't exit polling that we know about that asked voters why they voted for Bloom or Butler. Bloom did hit Butler hard for her failure to vote on a California sex-pervert bill, which was not passed, in part, because of that non-vote. But did voters really care or even know about that issue?

So, we'll turn it over to you, and hold an informal L.A. Weekly exit poll. Tell us in the comments section, below, why you voted for Bloom or Butler. We'd like to know.

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