Scrappy music blog TwentyFourBit provides this bit of L.A. arts synchronicity. Spike Jonze has got a new 30-minute short circulating in the current Sundance lineup, and the trailer features an original song written by Aska Matsumiya who, as ASKA, has an EP due out on Manimal Vinyl sometime this spring.

The song, “There Are Many Of Us,” seems to punctuate a score created by Sam Spiegel, also known as Jonze's brother, DJ Squeak E. Clean, and one half of the N.A.S.A. project. That track also features a couple of notable guests, but we'll let TwentyFourBit tell it:

“I was watching the trailer and noticed that the music sounds awfully similar to Wild Things composer/Yeah Yeah Yeahs frontwoman Karen O. It isn't her, as it turns out, but I was only one degree away…

The song, “There Are Many of Us,” which is written/sung by Aska Matsumiya, a member of LA-based bands Moonrats and The Sads, features the YYYs' Nick Zinner and the Red Hot Chili Peppers' Flea, according to the official I'm Here site.

I'm Here is the name of the Jonze short. Actually, the full title appears to be I'm Here — A Love Story In An Absolut World, as in Absolut Vodka, whose fingerprints are all over the trailer, viewable after the jump.

So yeah, it's about a robot who discovers love and, subsequently, him- er, itself. Not the most original idea, but a Jonze treatment could light up that old trope. And I, for one, want to give that adorable CPU a hug.

“There Are Many Of Us” was made available as an iTunes download today. Here's the art.


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