Dear Mr. Gold:

If you were heading to the Bowl from the Westside, where would you stop to put together a picnic of portable, finger-friendly chicken? I'm thinking Koreatown is too far out of the way.

–Zora, Culver City

Dear Zora:

Koreatown isn't that all far out of the way, and it gives you access to the spicy Korean chicken at Bon Chon, the ultimate crackle of the fried chicken at Kyochon, and the wood-roasted Peruvian chicken at Pollos a la Brasa, whose maddening fragrance will have the Volvo brigade clustered around your box like cats around an open can of tuna. But I digress.

The obvious suggestion is Roscoe's – call ahead to the 5006 Pico location, whose parking is much easier than the Hollywood location, and the chicken will be ready to pick up when you get there. (Skip the waffles though – they don't tend to travel well.)

You could drive through Popeye's, whose chicken is surprisingly good, if you can live with the incongruity of fast-food sacks and Brahms. There's always Honey's Kettle in downtown Culver City. But if you have adventure in your soul, call the Indo Café in Palms, newly reopened after a disastrous fire, and get them to make a few takeout orders of their garlicky, crunchy, slightly sweet Indonesian fried chicken, which is just unbelievably good. Get enough to share.

Indo Café: 10428 1/2 National Blvd., West L.A.; (310) 815-1290.

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