QUESTION: Where can you find the best carne asada burritos in Los Angeles? It seems there are countless options for a delicious, meaty burrito in San Diego with price tags that make a burrito taste that much better, but the search here has not yielded exceptional results. I am not talking about a bean, rice and carne asada burrito, I’m talking about a carne asada burrito. Period.

—Kate Krappman, Los Angeles

ANSWER: Almost every stand that will serve you a carne asada burrito will serve you an all-meat carne asada burrito, although I have to admit, it is not an option I have often considered. No rice, fine. No beans . . . in my opinion, the entire point of a burrito is lost: The package just becomes an overstuffed taco in a flour tortilla.

But if you were going to eat an overstuffed carne asada taco, you might as well go to a restaurant where the carne asada tacos are pretty good to begin with. You could do worse than to check out El Gran Burrito near LACC, where the carne asada is grilled over leaping live flames, glows with citrus and black pepper, and is served so promptly that sometimes the meat is still hissing when you eat it. 4176 Santa Monica Blvd., (323) 665-8720.

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