QUESTION: Your offer of diverse types of blood sausage
has my mouth watering, but where do I go if I want to eat its anemic cousin,
boudin blanc? Do I have to Greyhound to New Iberia, Louisiana?

—Snakdogg, Greenwich Village

ANSWER: Sadly, yes. But if you find yourself in the
area, do check out Bayou Boudin & Cracklin’, which has some of the best
boudin I’ve ever tasted, liver-rich and more subtly seasoned than most, as well
as fried boudin balls, homemade root beer and the finest fried pigskin that’s
ever cracked a tooth. If you ask nicely, they’ll FedEx frozen boudin, which
means it is technically available out of town. And they even have tourist cabins,
right on the Bayou Teche, which means that you can spend a weekend swatting
hummingbird-size mosquitoes and stuffing yourself silly on pig and beer without
ever leaving your hammock, except maybe to acquire some more boudin blanc at
Poche’s Market down the way. (Poche’s also sells boudin, hogshead cheese and
what could be the best tasso in Louisiana by mail order.) It’s somebody’s idea
of heaven, maybe even mine. Bayou Boudin & Cracklin’, 100 Mills Ave.,
Breaux Bridge, Louisiana, (337) 332-6158. Poche’s, by mail order: (800) 3POCHES. 

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