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Dear Teen Raver: I follow you on Tumblr and I absolutely love your blog! What are your next upcoming events? I would love to trade kandi with you. Ohhhhhh! And do you know what you're wearing to EDC yet? I need some help with my outfits. Any suggestions? -Mary aka Dazzle

Hey Dazzle! Thank you so much! My next events coming up for me are Group Therapy LA, I Love This City San Francisco and of course, Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas! I will for sure be attending those. 🙂 I actually have some ideas but not too sure yet. I just say be creative and be yourself. Why not dress up like the classic daisy girl? Whatever you put together I'm sure will look fabulous! Try thinking of some themes to make your outfits into. Like I said, be creative. Hopefully we meet up and trade kandis though. Good luck with your outfits hun! Xoxoxo

Dear Teen Raver: What do you think of Skrillex's haircut? Have you ever seen any girls who look like Skrillex? Did they give you nightmares? -Twelfth Planet

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Yo Twelfth Planet! Skrillex's haircut is like a icon now. For example I'll be on Tumblr and I'll see a picture of a squirrel with Skrillex's hair cut and the caption read “Squrillex” hahahahaaaa. But no I have not seen any females with his haircut.

Dear Teen Raver: What's your favorite kind of music besides EDM? Do you like witch house and powerviolence and post-apocalyptic indie folk? -DJ Screw II

Dear DJ Screw II: I like post-rock, classic rock, hip hop, R&B. I pretty much like all types of music. I have never heard any of those genres though. Do you have song suggestions? I wouldn't mind checking those types out.

Dear Teen Raver: Do you think man-made global warming is responsible for the melting of the polar ice caps, or do you think changes in temperatures are cyclical and everything's gonna be cool? -Carl Saggin'

Dear Carl I do believe that mankind has had a major effect on global warming and the melting of polar ice caps. Society is aware though. There are new products out now that are trying to help conserve and save our planet though. So at least somebody is trying to help us survive by coming up with ideas on saving planet earth. But no I don't think everything is going to be cool. We are all going to die! It's 2012!!!

Hey Kerah — I like to dance, but whenever I get down it seems like someone makes a GIF out of my moves and makes fun of me on the internet. I'm so exasperated I'm thinking of becoming a nun! -Hard Habit To Break

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Good Day Hard Habit. The best advice I can give you is to keep your head up and don't worry about what people say. You must be popular if people are actually making GIFs of you and posting them on the internet. Haha there probably just jealous because they cant break it down on the dance floor like you!

Don't become a NUN!!! Just keep dancing and enjoy it while you can. Fuck what they have to say about you. Don't change just because those people think it's funny. Hell I might even dance weird to people but I don't change if someone starts to laugh at me. Do it like Kaskade would say … Don't stop dancing girl!!

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