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Dear Teen Raver: Do you have a rave family?-Sunshine

Dear Sunshine: Yes, I do have a rave family. For those who don't know, a rave family is (in my opinion) when a group of friends attend events together. We truly are a family. We have such a strong connection. We all get along perfectly. I really couldn't ask for anything better! My rave family is called “TFU,” which stands for “Too Fucked Up.” Not that we're all constantly wasted but because before, we were all in a different rave family named RDS. They basically said, “We always just want to be fucked up,” so we decided on TFU.

We started our own rave family without the drama & negative people. Probably one of the best decisions we made as a group. I've met the people in my rave family through events and old elementary school friends. Honestly, I love each and every member in TFU. We have each other's backs in and outside of raves. We are always there for each other and we support each other.

Dear Teen Raver: What would you recommend guys to wear to raves? Can they wear bracelets and colorful things, too, or would that be gay? -Cynthia Espolt

Hello again Cynthia: Yes, guys can wear colorful things and bracelets to raves and not be gay. When you go to a rave, no one judges you there. It's all peace, love, unity and respect. So I recommend guys wear whatever is comfortable to them. No one judges you, so be yourself and just have fun with it!!

Dear Teen Raver: Who are your top 5 DJs, and why?

1. Arty

His music is just amazing. Every time I see him live he never fails to impress me with his sets. All his music gets me dancing at an event or even on my way to school. I saw him last at Beyond Wonderland 2012 and WOW. He mixed so great and put on a show for ASOT550. He responds to the crowd and gets everyone hype. It's a beautiful feeling being in a crowd of people who love Arty just as much as you do.

2. Above & Beyond

Everyone loves A&B! All their songs are just unbelievable. So many emotions can come from an A&B song. When I'm having a bad day i just turn on some A&B and my day just gets 10x better. I have not seen them live yet … but when that day comes to see Jono, Tony and Paavo … it's going to be amazing. Just to feel the positive vibes from everyone and sing along with everyone will make my night magical. Trance is a beautiful thing and Above and Beyond make it perfectly beautiful.

3. Dash Berlin

I love me some DASHUPS!!! Dash is such an amazing DJ. All his songs are meaningful and send a good message in my opinion. He always has the crowd dancing and singing. He never fails at that. I could sit in my room all day long singing Dash songs for hours and hours and not get sick of him or his tracks. I love you Dash!

4. Caspa

The man who got me into Dubstep (besides Rusko of course). ALL THE BITCHES LOVE ME CUZ I'M FUCKING CASPA! This guy can seriously throw down some dirty dub. All his songs are filthy, every single one of them. Caspa is still on my “DJs to see live” list. I can not wait to see him live and feel all that bass all over my body and just rage out. He has a unique sound and that is what I love about him.

5. Dillon Francis

I love Dillon! He always has my ass shaking every time I see him or even if I'm just at home listening to some of his tracks. I love all his remixes. My first time hearing a DF song caught me off guard because of how different his music is. He is so unique and seems like a really cool outgoing guy. His tunes can always make a crowd dance.

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