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Dear Teen Raver: Do you like any crusty old DJs like Sasha and Digweed and Paul Van Dyk and all them? Don't you think it's time they moved on? -Dannie Tenaglia

Dear Dannie: I don't think any of those DJs are old and crusty. They have just been making amazing music longer. Old school yesss, crusty old noooo. I do like a lot of the older music. I saw John Digweed at Beyond Wonderland this year and he was amazing for being older. There weren't too many people at the stage just because the rave scene is filled with people who like Skrillex, David Guetta and AfroJack … or basically anything that has a nice up beat to it. But even though there weren't many ravers at Digweed's stage he threw fucking down. Yes I have seen Paul Van Dyke around, but it's Paul Van Dyke. He has a decent fan base that would pay to see him live still. If you have a chance to play for your fans or try to get that type of music into your audiences lives, why move on and give it up? Not only are they getting paid for it, it's what they love and live for. Should Daft Punk throw in their helmets and suits too, by the way? I know EVERYONE is dying to see Daft Punk live.

Dear Teen Raver: Now that Obama has legalized gay marriage or whatever, do you think that regular marriage is going down the tubes? -Concerned Citizen

Dear Concerned: Well first off, I did not know Obama legalized gay marriage. Just goes to show how much I keep up to date with society and our laws LOL. In my opinion, traditional marriages shouldn't be in danger, but then when I think about it … it actually might. People can start acting real and true to themselves nowadays, especially gay people. Now that you can marry whoever you please … why hold back who you really are? I wouldn't be surprised if the rate of people coming out of the closet was higher than normal. They can love whoever they want now and spend the rest of their lives conjoined. So regular marriages might be going down the tubes soon. Sorry.

Special Note: This is my final Ask a Teen Raver column. Thank you everyone who has supported me here at LA Weekly. I hope I helped out with any questions you guys have asked me. I enjoyed writing this advice column. It was really fun and interesting. I would like to thank everyone at LA Weekly for giving a teen raver a chance.

Thank you, Ben, for this opportunity and all your kind words. If any readers out there have any more questions about EDM my tumblr ask box is always open at I would love to help you guys out still. A big thank you again to LA Weekly and all my supporters! Stay PLUR everyone! -Kerah Rose

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