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Dear Teen Raver: Hi, as a parent of a Raver what can you tell me that will help me sleep at night? I've heard stories that are bad and good. -Raver Parent

Dear Parent: Hi there! To be honest with you, if you truly trust your kid then you shouldn't have to worry about them. You should just be worried about their surroundings. For example, drunk drivers can be around your child and something horrible might happen. Even letting your kid go out to see a movie can be dangerous. My mother and father taught me to be responsible … and that goes for paying bills to even drinking alcohol. No, I'm not saying they taught me how to hold my liquor, I'm saying they just taught me responsibility. Maybe having a chat with your son or daughter about the rave world would help you sleep at night. Hell, maybe if you attend an event with them that can help too. (con't.)

My mom just attended Beyond Wonderland with me this year just to see what I was attending and to see basically what goes on. She had a blast and wants to go to more events. She feels more at ease now that she saw what the environment was like. Bottom line I say talk to your kid about it and see how that goes from there. I hope I helped!

Dear Teen Raver: What do you think of kids who wear their pants halfway down their asses? -PullThemUpNow

Dear Pull: I think if they want to wear their pants halfway down their asses, let them. Is there a law where you have to wear your pants right below your bellybutton? Why judge? That can be their own type of style. Kids have been wearing their pants like this for quite a while now and people are still worried about it?

Dear Teen Raver: I'm 35, but I love EDM and am super-attracted to college-aged chicks. I have awesome tattoos and crab abs, so I have no problem catching young ladies' eyes, but once we start to converse about EDM artists and the drugs we like, they start to lose interest when I tell them I like Paul Oakenfold and free-basing cocaine. Apparently, the kids of today aren't down with Oakie and free-basing. If I want to impress these girls, what artists and drugs should I start familiarizing myself with? -August December

Dear August December: Well hello. 🙂 I'm guessing they only know the Tiesto remix of “Delerium Silence” … right? Haha. Well I don't think you should change for anybody really. You just need to find a chick who's into the type of EDM like you! BUT … I guess if you really wanna add some stuff to your game I'll try and help you. Try saying SKRILLEX! Hahahaaa no but really if that doesn't work try Above & Beyond, Steve Aoki, AfroJack, DatSik, David Guetta, Dash Berlin … maybe try EDM songs that you hear on the radio. I would say try more mainstream for girls like that. Drugs? Try saying regular Ecstasy, Molly or just pills. Maybe even bring up smoking some Mary Jane?? HAHA try some of those and if it doesn't work let me know and we can try some other things. Hope I helped! Good luck!

Dear Teen Raver: Are you going to EDC? And why?

Yes I am attending Electric Daisy Carnival. 🙂 And uhh did you see the line up?! It's almost everyone I wanna see in three days. Plus meeting more people and getting to travel with my friends. Sounds like a good time to me!

See also: Exclusive: Skrillex, Bloc Party, and Miike Snow Headline Hard Summer Fest

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