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Dear Teen Raver: I'm looking to branch out beyond the typical pair of butterfly wings. Also, I'm a dude. What would you suggest? -Fashion Plate

Dear Fashion Plate: Well a lot of guys at events that I have seen usually dress casual but some other guys go all out! If you're trying to go all out, I would suggest staying in your comfort zone. So if that includes a Speedo or booty shorts, then throw them on & add a little glitter to your skin. 😉 If not keep it classy with a casual outfit!

Dear Teen Raver: What you think about the Hollywood “riot”? What's your opinion about media/public perception based on that incident? -Julian Haro

Dear Julian: I think the Hollywood riot was not a good look on the EDM scene. People were going nuts and not acting responsible. Vandalizing police cars? Not a good look people.

The media had a very negative affect on this riot in Hollywood when Kaskade was doing his free show. The premier for the EDC movie … uhh doesn't the media already have negative thoughts on EDC? And then this riot breaks out. Honestly, the media has a right to have this negative perception on the riot. I know everyone was upset that Kaskade canceled but that doesn't give anyone a right to vandalize anything.

Everyone including myself hopes EDC will come back to its home, L.A., but I hope just because the media has a negative perspective on events that EDC will come back anyway.

Dear Teen Raver: Why do some people hate on younger kids that go to raves or festivals (15, 16, etc.)? What if they just want to go and enjoy the music and the surroundings as well (drug-free, of course)? -Tyler Schobert

Dear Tyler: In my opinion, some people who hate on the younger rave generation is because of the kids' irresponsibility. A lot of kids are not responsible. A 15-year-old girl died at EDC L.A. in 2010. That just shows the responsibility part when it comes to kids.

Yet some kids are mature. I know a few 16-year-old kids who are dying to attend a rave. They know all the DJs and listen to EDM on a regular basis. These kids that I know of are not there to do drugs or get into trouble. The people who hate on the younger kids should not hate on ALL OF THEM because there are responsible ones out there.

Dear Teen Raver: I believe the attire that a majority of girls and women wear to massive events is, quite frankly, degrading. How do you think this fad (of dressing down and wearing close to nothing at raves) portrays us to the world? -Laura

Dear Laura: Degrading? I disagree. The reason I dress up to raves is to express myself. I don't dress up for attention. I dress freely with out being judged by others. It's a great feeling to be free and to dance with millions of beautiful people.

Everyone has their own unique way of dressing up and the way I dress up is my own. People outside the “rave” world don't get this perception as a raver would. Actually some other ravers do get upset when females dress with little clothing … BUT my thing is if those females are dressing up to show off their bodies to pull cute guys and get attention, they should really stop.

You're not there to get guys and do drugs and act like a slut. You SHOULD be there to enjoy the DJs and other artists, express yourself, meet new friends that can be there for a lifetime and other things that actually matter. But back to the question … let the world judge us because all female ravers know why we do dress up and why we are at events, for the right reasons.

Dear Teen Raver: Do you have a boyfriend? Does he goes to raves with you? Do you ever meet any decent guys at raves? -Secret Admirer

Dear Secret Admirer: No I do not have a boyfriend and I do meet decent guys at raves. I am in a group on Facebook called “Tumblr Ravers” and I actually met a guy through that group. He's maybe a future boyfriend? But at least a good friend I have a lot in common with — the EDM scene and other things as well. We wouldn't have to argue on which DJ to see at an event because we basically like all the same DJs.

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