Dear Mexican: A friend says she read somewhere that only 20 percent of Mexican men will go down on their ladies. I don’t believe that. Can you “spread” some light on the subject?

—El Gabacho Guapo

Dear Handsome Gabacho: Let me penetrate the thrust of your friend’s argument by referring her to the seminal The International Encyclopedia of Sexuality, a set of studies on the world’s sex habits gathered into one grande book. Its Mexico section cites two surveys from the early 1990s that found about 50 percent of men in Mexico City practiced oral sex on women — more than twice the amount that your friend laid out. The Mexican hombre taste for cunnilingus grows once they hop over to the United States: a 2002 report by the National Center for Health Statistics showed that 74 percent of Latino men had performed cunnilingus at one point in their life. But that amount is dwarfed by the 87 percent of gabachos questioned by the NCHS who admitted to doing the deed. The Mexican holds various theories about why his swarthy hermanos aren’t as prone to panocha pecking as gabachos — traditional Mexican men don’t bother with cunnilingus since it doesn’t lead to procreation, Mexican women are too ashamed of their bodies to allow a male tongue to lick their hoo-haa, Mexico’s endemic machismo produces a culture where vagina dentata is as feared as la migra. But forget explanations: the paucity of Mexican men who munch muff is an urgent social ill, and I urge all mujeres to remedy the problem by nabbing a Mexican and taking an orgasm in the name of la raza.

President George W. Bush wants Guatemala to have the next two-year term on the U.N. Security Council.  Your thoughts on this nomination and what the world can expect should it happen would be appreciated.

—Gabacho in Pittsburgh, PA


Dear Readers: In my Oct. 12 column, I wrote that the United States “never had the decency to invade Mexico.” Of course, the U.S. has invaded Mexico — during the Mexican-American War and when General John Pershing unsuccessfully pursued Pancho Villa in 1915. What I meant to say was that the United States “never had the decency to occupy Mexico, install a puppet regime, then sit back as the natives slaughtered our boys and each other, while our true enemies bide their time somewhere in the tribal lands of Afghanistan and Pakistan.” My apologies.

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