By presidential proclamation, it's Asian-Pacific American Heritage Month.

And on that note, let us reflect upon the latest U.S. Census statistics, which show that … Asians are taking over America!

And you thought Latinos knew how to procreate and or get into the United States? Check out these facts and figures:

-There are 17.3 million people in the United States of Asian heritage.

-California has more people of Asian background than any other state: 5.5 million.

-Hawaii is a majority-Asian state: Asian Americans make up 57 percent of the population there.

-Between 2000 and 2010 our Asian American population from coast to coast grew faster than that of any other ethnic group:

Take that, Latinos!

In fact America's Asian population grew by 30 percent in all states except Hawaii, where its growth was 11 percent, according to the Census, which adds:

The top five states that experienced the fastest growth were Nevada with 116 percent, Arizona with 95 percent, North Carolina with 85 percent, North Dakota with 85 percent, and Georgia with 83 percent.

Damn. That's the cowboy/redneck belt. Good luck.

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