New video (on the next page) of the Asiana Airlines flight 214 crash at San Francisco International Airport last summer shows the wreck pretty much in its entirety, albeit in fuzzy quality and from a distance.

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The video, released today by the National Transportation Safety Board, comes during an NTSB hearing on the accident.

Already it has been revealed in documents aired during proceedings that one of the Boeing 777's pilots said he accidentally turned off the jet's virtual cruise control because he was nervous:

The pilot said that he was nervous about making a manual landing at SFO — the airport's automated system was out of order, and it would be the pilot's first manual landing — so he disabled the cruise control, not realizing that this then switched the jet's engines to idle.

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That seems to explain most of the crash: The plane lost speed and altitude rapidly upon approach and, as the video (said to be from “airport camera 5106”) shows, came in tail low, hitting a sea wall, skidding on its belly and making a full 360 spin.

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Three Chinese girls headed to a summer church camp in L.A. died from the crash. One of the victims was hit by a responding fire truck. The driver didn't see her because she was covered in fire-suppressing foam that was sprayed following the fiery accident.

Several other people were injured.

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