Can you be Asian and score with any white chick you want? How's that for a politically incorrect question? What, are we implying that some white women are down on Asian guys just because of the way they look?

Yeah, you would have to be pretty dumb to not see that we live in a culture of superficiality and appearances. However, successful men are of the philosophy that looks only matter to a point. Heart, soul, intelligence and confidence are far more important than race in the long run.

Yes, that means you have the potential to score with any white woman you want. It's not just a dream or hyperbole to sell a book.

[EDITOR'S NOTE: Or attract web traffic! ;-)]

The first step in starting your successful bid for the buxom blonde babe of your dreams is to first come to terms with yourself. You will never meet a pretty woman if you cannot allow yourself the chance to succeed. Put away all of your negative thoughts and dismiss your shy instincts.

Use Eastern meditation if you have to! Focus on positive chi and fill your chest with confidence, enough to make it protrude as you walk. You believe in yourself. You know you are a good man and a good lover. Any white woman who crosses your path should consider herself lucky!

The next step is to focus on breaking down the barriers that exist between Asian men and white women. You can't deny that they exist. Some women may even believe they are not “attracted” to Asian men.

Take any initial claims of non-attraction with a grain of salt. Most of the time, women don't know what they're attracted to. These women are waiting for a man to stimulate their passions in ways they've never known before! Of course they're not going to be attracted to you until they know what you're capable of doing.

Think of gut-level attraction as simple as ABC.

A: A is for Attitude, Attraction and Approach. Be confident in your approach. Do not fear the attraction forming between the two of you. Approach a woman you like quickly and with courage.

B: B is for Being in the moment, Bantering and Buying temperature. Have fun with conversation. Don't be so smart or respectful that you're afraid to flirt, laugh and enjoy some healthy sexual tension. The more you flirt, the more you are slowly “buying the temperature” of arousal.

C: C is for Compliance, Comfort and Connection. Once you feel an attraction to each other, it's time to make her become invested in you, following your lead and to make her physically comfortable in your presence.

This is just the basic ABCs of attraction. The complete lesson of attraction is not hard to learn, and once you learn it, it will result in a shower of hot girls throwing themselves at you.

You can be Asian and score with any white chick you want…just be careful what you wish for!

Image: Daniel St.Pierre.

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