“As Much As I Love You” Features Sami Siteman’s Serene Ode to Affection

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Sami Siteman is a singer-songwriter from Agoura Hills, California. Her music, which can be accessed on all streaming platforms, showcases a fusion of pop, country, and singer-songwriter genres with meaningful lyrics and catchy melodies. Siteman’s music emanates her passion for songwriting.

Sami’s inclination towards music began at a very young age, stemming mainly from often singing with her father, who also shares a deep appreciation for music; by 12, she started writing songs. She took piano lessons from 11 to 18 and taught herself to play the ukulele when she was 19. In the past six and a half years, Sami has been living her dream of being a musician, releasing two EPs, including “What I Should Have Done” and “All the Ways That This Could Go,” and many singles, for a total of 19 songs. She plans to release more pieces, her most recent being “Break It” (May 2023).

Currently, she is geared up to demonstrate her talent with the release of her mini album, As Much As I Love You, on June 30th, consisting of the demo of “As Much As I Love You” and the wedding/first dance version of it. Sami intends to release other tracks soon, such as “Healing From the Wounds” and an EP called “Welcome to My Brain.” Eventually, her fans can look forward to her debut full-length studio album.

Sami delves into a beautiful, regal procession on the tender tones of “As Much As I Love You.” Each verse is given an equal amount of weight to ensure that the steady pace becomes riveting. The arrangement highlights the fire and passion that comes with deep feelings for another person. Her voice rests right in the center of it, and the rest of the sound swirls about in a delightful haze. Nods to the twee sensibilities of Sara Bareilles’ work can be felt with Sami possessing that same level of insight and intimacy.

The song has a timeless grace, as it goes right for the heart. Her lyricism focuses upon that unbreakable bond, the connection that two individuals feel for each other when it is a deep love. Her word choice is honest, and the conversational tenor of the verses adds to the inherent beauty. Piano trickles into the rest of the arrangement, with the chord choices reflected in the sweeping style of the strings that buttress it up into the sky. So much peacefulness resides in the atmosphere as it is an escape from all the hardship, allowing the track to unspool in a natural, dignified way. The ebb and flow, the rising and falling action she focuses upon, adds to how true love can grow between two people.

“As Much As I Love You” has a sweet, cheerful disposition, as Sami Siteman bares her soul on the song that expresses a true sense of love felt and given.

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