So the crap “hardcore hip-hop band” that blocked traffic on the 101 freeway in Hollywood last month as part of a publicity stunt is now facing felony conspiracy charges for its act of self-aggrandizement.

While the Imperial Stars trio claims that the idea was to bring attention to homeless children, it seemed to be thematically staged for a shite music video (after the jump).

That might be tolerable if the Stars were the least bit talented. But these three rapping white boys pull out more cliches than a real housewife of Beverly Hills talking about money.

Our commenter of the day, Dont Watch the Video FGS, has a little fun with the lyrics from “Traffic Jam 101:”

I just watched the “official” Traffic Jam 101 video. Now I have been mind-raped. They look exactly like a bad SNL parody skit. Only they are not joking. They say they are “rock stars, livin' on the edge, always hangin' out and partyin' with their friends.” Or, in the true version, “douchebags, livin' with their moms, pullin' stupid sh*t and gettin' booked by the cops.” The one with long blond hair and a cap is priceless. I dare him to go rap on the street in East LA.

It's true. These guys suck harder than a Palin trying to dance.

Too bad their music isn't being threatened with jail instead of them. The world would be a lot safer place without the hardcore sounds of Imperial Stars.

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