For our comment of the day we couldn't resist dipping into that endless well of debate — guns. A recent post wonders aloud if right-to-bear-arms activists are going to far in targeting a family fair in Manhattan Beach this weekend as a forum to flaunt their rights.

Lots of folks have made us a target (don't shoot!) for simply asking the question (are lots of kids and armed men really a good mix?). But one, Meat Boy, says he grew up with firearms. And he says to own one is to live in fear.

When I was young my dad taught me all about guns.

My dad took me me out to to shoot in desert.

We shot hallow-points at fruit and made them explode.

We shot BBs at plates in the garage

My dad was a member of the NRA.

My dad took me to “Gun Shows”.

My dad showed me how to clean a gun.

My dad took me to re-enactments of warfare.

My dad taught me that a gun is NEVER empty.

All the while, I saw how “excited” my dad got about his guns.

It kind of scared me a little.

My dad was a regular guy, and would never hurt a fly unless he had to do it.

My dad also lived in fear his entire life, and he lived in Manhattan Beach…one of the few places in the world that you can pretty *not* live in fear if you so choose.

When I grew up, I considered all my dad had taught me, and I decided that owning a gun was simply not worth it. Just having a gun seemed to mean that I was living in fear. and that is just no way to live.

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