Positive COVID-19 cases in Los Angeles County increased by 62% over figures from two weeks ago, but deaths and hospitalizations have not followed.

COVID-19 numbers reported for the week ending on April 24 showed an average of 1,553 daily positive cases in Los Angeles, which was 960 daily cases two weeks ago.

“To date, the increases in case numbers have not translated to increases in severe illness, with hospitalizations and deaths remaining low and slightly decreasing,” L.A. Public Health said in a press release.

L.A. County Public Health attributes the increase of cases on the BA.2 subvariant of Omicron, which has accounted for 84% of COVID-19 cases in sequenced specimens up to April 2.

While daily cases have increased over the past two weeks, COVID-19 hospitalizations have decreased by 20% in that time, with 222 daily hospitalizations, compared to 276.

Daily deaths also decreased over two weeks, with an average of  10 per day, compared to 14 before, good for a 28% decrease.

About 75% of L.A. County has been fully vaccinated, with more than half eligible for a booster shot. The high vaccination rate is what L.A. Public Health attributed the decrease in hospitalizations and deaths, with unvaccinated individuals being six times more likely to be hospitalized and 16 times more likely to have their COVID-19 diagnosis lead to death, compared to those who are fully vaccinated.


LA Weekly