The city of Los Angeles has stopped cracking down on allegedly illicit medical marijuana dispensaries, and it appears at least one has reopened to take advantage of the new stance: The infamous K.F.C. pot shop, a.k.a. Kind For Cures, has reopened, a worker there confirmed to LA Weekly Monday.

The Palms dispensary's MySpace page (via Curbed LA) boasts that it reopened Thursday — the day after the City Clerk's office announced it would cease enforcing against out-of-compliance dispensaries — and that it will be open “10am to MidNight 7 Days Per Week! Come on in for your favorite flavors!!!”

That the city is taking a hands-off stance when it comes to pot shops was a downplayed angle of Wednesday's announcement by the Clerk that only 41 shops, not the roughly 170 originally thought to be entitled, would be allowed to operate under L.A.'s strict pot-shop ordinance, which went into effect in June.

At that time the City Attorney's office sent letters to more than 400 pot shops telling them to shut their doors or face serious legal action, including $2,500-a-day fines and even possible jail time. Many did close. Ones that didn't and that were the then the source of neighbors' complaints often got visits by the cops.

K.F.C. was one of those, and it shut down in June.

But under the Clerk's announcement Thursday, pot shops will get free reign in L.A., at least until a series of lawsuits against the city's ordinance make their way through the legal system beginning later next month: “Until then, you are not precluded from continuing your interim operation as a collective as long as long as you comply with all other provisions of California state law,” the Clerk stated.

Asked on Monday if the Clerk's ruling means that the city is basically letting pot shops run free, a City Attorney's representative said, “You're basically correct.”

And so, after several years of wrangling with the issue in City Hall, it looks like L.A. is back to square one — the Wild, Wild West — at least for now.

LA Weekly