You might make the argument that all the most compelling visuals, written and spoken word, and collaborative immersive experiential art has been happening in the streets and plazas. But this weekend’s more conventional (in the new normal sense) presentations do have a lot to offer — including more than one opportunity for actual, in-person art viewing. Not only have galleries like Wilding Cran and L.A. Louver already reopened their gorgeous exhibitions — by appointment, with mandatory mask-wearing and extremely limited room capacity — but other venues are following suit. One is even having a low key IRL reception on Sunday. Meanwhile the virtual arena of art, readings, dance, conversations and sales continues to offer up edifying wonders via our devices.

Heidi Duckler Dance

Thursday, June 11

Heidi Duckler Dance: ESCAPE. In November 2019 the company performed at the Centro de Experimentación Escénica in Valdivia and at the LOFT International Dance Festival in Concepción, Chile, during an episode of massive protests against economic inequalities in that nation. Duckler described how the protests inspired the company to make a film exploring the resonance of the Chilean and American experiences. The team filmed in Valdivia, Concepción, and Los Ángeles, Chile, “listening to the stories of local residents, and using dance as a tool of expression and resistance.” HDD presents a virtual screening of the film and a Q&A with the creators. Thursday, June 11, 5 p.m.;

Book Soup

Skylight Books presents Meredith Talusan w/ Amber Tamblyn. Author Meredith Talusan’s Fairest (Viking) is a memoir about a precocious boy with albinism, a “sun child” from a rural Philippine village, who would grow up to become a woman in America. Talusan reads from the book and speaks with poet, author, actress, and activist Amber Tamblyn via Zoom. Thursday, June 11, 6 p.m.;

Friday, June 12

OUT THERE virtual exhibition at Gallery 825. The Los Angeles Art Association (LAAA) has partnered with the City of West Hollywood for 12 consecutive years in what is consistently the most vibrant group exhibition of the season. The 2020 edition has been curated by Bert Green of Bert Green Fine Arts, and will be on view online June 12-30, featuring the work of 25 artists across an eclectic array of styles and mediums.

Live Talks L.A.

Live Talks L.A. presents Stacey Abrams w/ Eileen Welteroth. A political star destined for greatness no matter what happens with the Biden V.P. pick, Abrams’ new book Our Time Is Now draws on extensive research from organizations and scholars, as well as anecdotes from her own lived experiences to offer solutions and inspiration to, “stand up for who we are—now…and to push for a different American story than the one being told today…It’s a story about how and why we fight for our democracy and win.” Abrams is joined in conversation by Elaine Welteroth — bestselling author, award-winning journalist and of course, a producer and judge on the new Project Runway. The event is free to watch, and signed books are available when you register. Friday, June 12, 6pm;

Richard Valdez at Self Help Graphics

Saturday, June 13

Self Help Graphics & Art’s 2020 Annual Print Fair. This event is a hotly anticipated annual opportunity for art lovers to acquire new, limited edition, serigraphs, relief and intaglio prints created by artists through the SHG open print studio. Though virtual this year, the event will offer new print releases from such portfolios as Consejo Gráfico Nacional’s special project Perro Mundo, Queerida (for the first time in its entirety), Día de los Muertos, and the 2020 Census themed Make it Count. Though virtual this year, it’s quite likely you’ll be able to at least pick up your purchases in person, which could be a lovely excuse to visit their beautiful venue again or for the first time. June 13-30;

Patrisse Cullors at the Fowler

The Fowler presents Patrisse Cullors’ A Prayer for the Runner. To both kick off the museum’s Pride Month celebrations and honor the urgency of the present moment in our city, country, and world, the Fowler hosts the premiere of Cullors’ newest performance piece. Based on a prayer she co-wrote with Damon Turner, the work was prompted by the murder of Ahmaud Arbery. “This piece takes us through ritual, prayer, and ancestry,” writes Cullors of the work. “Black death, trauma, and pain are age-old crises. Our bodies have been used as sacrifice. How do we manage? What role does collective prayer have and how can it inspire our healing?” After the live performance, a Q&A follows with Melina Abdullah, Professor and former Chair of Pan-African Studies at CalState LA and founder of the Los Angeles chapter of Black Lives Matter. Saturday, June 13, noon-1 p.m.;

Jennybird Alcantara at KP Projects

KP Projects presents Jennybird Alcantara’s Lullaby of The Bounty in Repose. This suite of luscious, surreally and unsettlingly adorable, lavishly detailed oil paintings represent 18 months of the artist’s focus on what she calls “daily meditations” as to the poetics hidden in the details of deep observation. The collection debuts Saturday, June 13, from 3 p.m. at the gallery’s website, and in-person appointments are encouraged thereafter.

Bunny Yeager at La Luz de Jesus

La Luz de Jesus presents Women of the Sun: Bunny Yeager in Mexico. Linnea Eleanor “Bunny” Yeager (1929-2014) was a pioneer in the world of glamour photography, best known for her game-changing work with the one and only Bettie Page. Now La Luz has partnered with Cult Epics to exhibit a series of never before seen images from a 1966 trip to Chichén Itzá, and other heritage sites. Her unique style of nude portraiture and fine artistry is infused with humor and drama and transcends easy categorization. The exhibition is available to view online from June 13-July 5, as well as in person, per the following note from the gallery: “While our sister store Soap Plant / Wacko is closed and awaiting its grand reopening, the gallery will take in-person, 30-minute appointments, limited to one person and a guest, on Saturdays and Sundays.”

Samantha Fields at LSH Colab

Sunday, June 14

LSH Colab presents Samantha Fields’ American Dreams. Los Angeles painter Samantha Fields gained recognition for her lovingly rendered images of disasters and disorientations in the natural landscape and built environment — fires, floods, tornadoes, and the like. But since 2016, her concept of destruction has expanded to include the chaos and confusion rampant in this chapter of our social and political history. While her iconography and palette intensified, the images have remained metaphorical, with emotions evoked and Cassandra-like warnings issued, and dark humor abounding as a strategy for staying sane.

The exhibition will be up at LSH Colab on Virgil Ave. from June 14 – July 11, with both an opening reception on Sunday, June 14 (4-6pm) and appointments available Wednesday – Saturday (noon-5pm). Contact the gallery to schedule a time, and if you’re thinking of attending this Sunday, wear a mask and plan to observe social distancing, which may include chilling outside for a second if someone’s already in there. Sunday, June 14, 4-6 p.m.;


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