Los Angeles–based street artist Plastic Jesus has in recent years consistently used the Academy Awards as a platform for satirical commentary on the state of Hollywood.

His work, in fact, has become a part of the awards season media wind-up, with some of us eagerly anticipating his latest piece. In the past cocaine (an Oscar statue snorted) and heroin (a statue shot up) use in the entertainment industry were targets.

The British-born artist didn't disappoint this year: Oscar is now an exotic dancer.

Yes, a gold statue in stripper heels, tassels and a bikini bottom stuffed with singles was installed atop a red carpet on a median at La Brea Avenue and Hollywood Boulevard and will make an appearance tomorrow in the Melrose Avenue shopping district, Mr. Jesus told us.

What's the message? Here's what he says:

So many women come to Hollywood chasing a dream to become an actor, dancer or singer and, sadly, due to the lack of opportunities, combined with the high cost of living, they are faced with the reality of having to strip in bars and clubs. It’s the only industry in the world where it is acceptable to strip as an internship. Many even believe that having been a stripper makes you “cooler” once you (hopefully) become famous.

He listed a number of celebrities, including Courtney Love, who apparently worked as exotic dancers before making it big.

The piece is 6 feet tall and includes, yes, a stripper pole.

A statement from Plastic Jesus says it's “sure to ruffles some feathers in Tinseltown.”

LA Weekly