Los Angeles painter Samantha Fields gained recognition for her lovingly rendered images of disasters and disorientations in the natural landscape and built environment — fires, floods, tornadoes, and the like. But since 2016, her concept of destruction has expanded to include the chaos and confusion rampant in this chapter of our social and political history. While her iconography and palette intensified, the images have remained metaphorical, with emotions evoked and Cassandra-like warnings issued, and dark humor abounding as a strategy for staying sane.

The exhibition will be up at LSH Colab on Virgil Ave. from June 14 – July 11, with both an opening reception on Sunday, June 14 (4-6pm) and appointments available Wednesday – Saturday (noon-5pm). Contact the gallery to schedule a time, and if you’re thinking of attending this Sunday, wear a mask and plan to observe social distancing, which may include chilling outside for a second if someone’s already in there. Sunday, June 14, 4-6 p.m.; instagram.com/lsh_colab



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