It’s a long, hot month, July, so of course that’s the perfect time to get like 100 artists to commit to doing a series of daily group shows, to be installed, open, and taken down every 24 hours, for the entire time.

For a new season of Kamikaze Shows, PØST’s itinerant existence expands beyond its 515 space in the Bendix Building, instead hosting this year’s iteration of its wildly popular and totally insane DIY curatorial project offsite at MiM Gallery on West Washington.

July 21. Barry Markowitz

Kamikaze Shows: July 1, Barry Markowitz

Alternating between solos, small groups, salon-style arrays, performance-based and multimedia presentations, the work on display varies from the meditative and lovely to the edgy and political, thematic and surreal, and fittingly, the experimental.

MiM Gallery, 654 W. Washington Blvd., Midcity;; daily, July 1-31, 7-9 p.m.; free.

July 12. Arezoo Bharthania Diane Williams

Kamikaze Shows: July 12, Arezoo Bharthania & Diane Williams

Kamikaze Curators and Collaborators are:

July 1. Research for the Bermuda Triangle (Regina Mamou X Lara Salmon); July 2. Mike Vegas; July 3. Gary Brewer; July 4. Laurence Rickels; July 5. Zeal Harris; July 6. KJ Baysa; July 7. Eliot Reed;

July 8. Malado Baldwin; July 9. Reza Monahan; July 10. Alice Marie Perreault; July 11. Michael John Kelly; July 12. Arezoo Bharthania / Diane Williams; July 13. Tim Lewis; July 14. Mariel Caranza: Encounter #55;

July 1 Research for the Bermuda Triangle Regina Mamou X Lara Salmon

Kamikaze Shows, July 1 Research for the Bermuda Triangle (Regina Mamou X Lara Salmon)

July 15. Tahmineh Javanbakht / Sussan Deyhim; July 16. Virginia Katz;July 17. Mario Vasquez; July 18. Eve Wood; July 19. Curt Lemieux; July 20. Rory Devine; July 21. Barry Markowitz;

July 22. @rubbertoehurts; July 23. Lavialle Campbell; July 24. Marzieh Karimi / Anita Bunn; July 25. Michele Jaquis / Paul Pattison; July 26. Katie Grip / Tessie Salcido Whitmore; July 27. Miriam Dym; July 28. Shirin Bolourchi;

July 29. Isabelle Le Normand; July 30. Labkhand Olfatmanesh; July 31. Steven Irvin.

July 8. Malado Baldwin

Kamikaze Shows: July 8, Malado Baldwin


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