Yvonne Walker of “The Exiles”

This past Friday, artist and skateboard maker Douglas Miles of Apache Skateboards was in town at the Artist Gallery to unveil a new series of pieces inspired by “The Exiles” — Kent Mackenzie's recently re-released 1961 film about the lives of Native Americans in Downtown Los Angeles.

Miles hails from the same Apache reservation in San Carlos, Arizona as the film's star, and the subject of a recent LA Weekly feature, Yvonne Walker. With the energy generated from the film, Miles is attempting launch a new wave of contemporary native pop art and culture — that's respectful of traditional Indian artistic elements, but isn't bound by them.

The show opened with a performance by Highland Park's teenage all-girl punk outfit The Sirens.

Artist Douglas Miles [right] shows off his Apachelypse Now skateboard line

Homer from “The Exiles”

The Wild One: Tommy from “The Exiles”

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