In another most-but-not-all type situation, a majority of Bergamot Station’s galleries open new shows on Saturday. But don’t let the coordinated date fool you, the galleries’ hours are all over the place, with some starting as early as 4, a few going as late as 9, and most falling somewhere in between. Watch for big solo shows from Greg Colson, Laura Forman, and J.A. Feng at Craig Krull; Eric Nash and Terry Leness at Skidmore; Patty Wickman and Ron Rizk at Lora Schlesinger; David Jien at Richard Heller; and Jon Krawcyzk at Leslie Sacks. But don’t miss Lois Lambert Gallery’s big, sassy, timely group show Truthiness, or the return of BG Gallery to the Berg, re-inaugurating their tenure after a sojourn up on Ocean Park, with the group show, The Body In Parts.

Outside of Bergamot, Galia Linn and the team of David McDonald & Raychael Stine show at the nearby quasi-residential project space Five Car Garage — a high-end carport transformed into a pristine gallery space behind a hillside house off Navy Street. They get started at noon and the address is shared upon your RSVP. Later that night, besequined and bunny-eared mixed media impresario Aaron Axelrod takes over at Abbot Kinney’s Tarryn Teresa Gallery; and the Ben Maltz Gallery at OTIS College debuts Centennial, a group show featuring the all-stars of 100 years of creative education at the institution.

David McDonald & Raychael Stine at Five Car Garage

Five Car Garage, Address near SMC provided with rsvp.

Galia Linn: Note to Self; David McDonald & Raychael Stine: Visions + Structures.

September 7 – mid-October; Opening Reception: Saturday, September 7, noon-5pm.

Aaron Axelrod at Tarryn Teresa Gallery

Tarryn Teresa Gallery, 1350 Abbot Kinney Blvd.

Aaron Axelrod: Splat!

September 7 – October 5; Opening Reception: Saturday, September 7, 7-9pm.

Judithe Hernandez at OTIS COllege

OTIS College, Ben Maltz Gallery, 9045 Lincoln Blvd., Westchester

Centennial: 100 Years of Otis College Alumni

September 7 – December 7; Opening Reception: Saturday, September 7, 5-8pm.

Galia Linn at Five Car Garage

Bergamot Station Art Center, 2525 Michigan Ave., Santa Monica.

The Body in Parts at BG Gallery

BG Gallery, A2. The Body In Parts. Group show reception and re-inaugural housewarming: 5-9pm; Exhibition continues through September 17.

Greg Colson at Craig Krull Gallery

Craig Krull, B3. J.A. Feng: Mothership; Laura Forman: new work; Greg Colson: Trending and Non-Trending. Opening Reception: 5-7pm; Exhibitions continue through October 12.

Terry Leness at Skidmore Contemporary

Skidmore Contemporary, B4. Eric Nash: Drive; Terry Leness: Road Trip. Opening Reception: 4-7pm; Exhibitions continue through October 5.

Patty Wickman at Lora Schlesinger

Lora Schlesinger, B5. Patty Wickman: All Is Leaf; Ron Rizk: A Wandering Point of View. Opening Reception: 4-6pm; Exhibitions continue through October 19.

David Jien at Richard Heller Gallery

Richard Heller, B5. David Jien: All Is Not Lost. Opening Reception: 5-7pm; Exhibition continues through November 2.

Jon Krawczyk at Leslie Sacks Gallery

Leslie Sacks Gallery, B6. Jon Krawczyk: Color In Bloom. Opening Reception: 5-7pm; Exhibition continues through November 2.


Lois Lambert Gallery, E3. Truthiness. Opening Reception: 6-9pm; Exhibition continues through November 9.

Laura Forman at Craig Krull Gallery

Alison Saar at OTIS College

J.A. Feng at Craig Krull Gallery

Ron Rizk at Lora Schlesinger

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