Art Brut is a band that goes where few will, taking the things that you might be too embarrassed to think, let alone admit, and putting them into wry, punky tunes. They are the band you need to see when you're looking for more self-deprecation than you thought could be packed in two and a half minutes.

Ever stopped a make-out session because you had to hear the song on the stereo? Art Brut has.

Art Brut “Pump up the Volume”

Ever been accused of “arrested development” because of your love of DC comics and chocolate milkshakes? Art Brut has.

Art Brut “DC Comics and Chocolate Milkshakes” (live at Electric Ballroom, Camden, London, 5/07/09)

Ever been obsessed with a teenage flame ten years after the fact? Art Brut has.

Art Brute “Emily Kane”

Having recently released its third full-length, Art Brut vs. Satan (produced by Frank Black), the band is concluding its US tour with a four-date LA extravaganza. If you didn't get to catch Art Brut on Tuesday or Wednesday, you can see them tonight at Spaceland or Friday at The Echo. Friday's show, which is co-presented by The Echo's resident indie dance party Underground, will feature an opening set by The Blood Arm.

We also suggest following Art Brut frontman @EddieArgos on Twitter for witty insights on comic books and music.

Oh, and check out Laura Ferriero's LA Weekly feature on Art Brut.

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