I love Art Brut as though they were my own children. This band has it all – the wit, the hair, the affable cockney charm…they also have tickets and boarding passes for a plane back to the US, following their brilliant show at Spaceland last year. According to their publicist, the boys and girls from Art Brut – who penned my favorite song of 2005, “Moving to LA” – will be playing shows at SXSW, Coachella and right here at the Troubadour, on Sunday March 19.

As you can tell, I think they're rather good, but don't just take my word for it – here's what the proper music journalists at Spin magazine had to say about my fellow Londoners:

“In the spirit of sex you're too drunk for, drugs that don't work, and rock cliches that should be sharpied to your forehead, these Brits deconstruct bombast via bombastic guitar riffs. Sing speaking like he's working through a Learn to Read Handbook, frontman Eddie Argos makes fun of star-fuckers and meatheads. Star-fuckers and meatheads will totally headbang along”

Star fuckers and meat heads? This band was clearly destined for LA.

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