A suspect has been arrested in connection to the daytime shooting and attempted robbery of a Melrose clothing store.

The Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) Follow Home task force identified two suspects and located Jamario Kevin Ray, 22, after an April 18 search warrant was obtained for his residence.

The shooting occurred on April 10, with store surveillance videos showing the two men following a man into the store and shoot at him before fleeing the scene.

Surveillance footage showed the two men parked in a nearby alley and making their way toward the shooting victim.

LAPD said the victim was wearing an expensive looking watch and when the two men began to approach him, he ran into the Melrose clothing store.

The victim ran across the store, and the footage shows one of the men pulling out a gun and shooting six rounds toward the victim, missing each time.  Both of the suspects fled without any of the victims property.

While the second suspect has not been identified, LAPD described him as a 6-foot tall, Black male in his twenties, weighing between 170-190 pounds. In the surveillance video, he was seen wearing a navy hooded sweatshirt, gray pants and black shoes.

Ray’s bail was set at “no bail” and the case was presented and filed to the Los Angeles District Attorney’s office on April 20 with charges of attempted murder, ex-convict with possession of a firearm and attempted robbery.



LA Weekly