Summer in Southern California didn't pass without an ecstasy-related rave death, unfortunately.

Arrel Christopher Cochon, 22, died after he attended September's Nocturnal Wonderland, an event promoted by Insomniac Events and its corporate partner, Live Nation.

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The electronic dance music (EDM) festival moved to San Manuel Amphitheater after Live Nation made a deal with the venue — and after some neighbors of its previous home, the Nation Orange Show Events Center, complained that the party was too loud:

Coroner's officials told the Weekly that Cochon died of sequelae anoxic brain injury as a result of multiple-drug use and preexisting seizure issues. “It would appear to be a drug overdose,” one investigator told us.

The molly death seems to be Southern California's only ecstasy overdose following an EDM event during a summer in which multiple fatalities, mostly associated with such concerts, happened on the East Coast.

A spokeswoman for Insomniac sent us this statement:

The Insomniac family is deeply saddened that this happened, where someone made a choice that ended their life too soon. Insomniac takes every reasonable precaution to help keep our fans safe and informed about the dangers of drug use. Unfortunately, we cannot control the decisions that people make and we hope that the fans will learn from this heartbreaking situation and realize that the decision to take drugs can do irreparable harm.

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The Los Angeles Times, which broke the story of Cochon's death, says he was a Los Angeles City College student whose post-death toxicology report came up positive for ecstasy and for its sister drug, methamphetamine.

The death comes amid a few years of controversy over ecstasy use at raves — controversy that spread to the East Coast over the summer.

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