You probably didn't need a Field Poll to know that voters are not happy about Arnold Schwarzenegger's love child. But it never hurts to have the data, and they confirm that indeed the story has destroyed whatever remained of his public standing.

Just 20% of California voters approve of Schwarzenegger, while 75% disapprove. The loathing is especially strong in Los Angeles, where just 10% support Schwarzenegger and a whopping 84% do not.

Guess we're not France after all.

The explanation seems to be that L.A. County has a lot of Latinos and a lot of Democrats — and both of those groups are more likely to despise the ex-governor than the rest of the population.

Just 15% of Latinos now hold a favorable view of Schwarzenegger — which just proves again that mistreating the help is not a great way to win Latino support — while 14% of Democrats support him.

Women are more hostile to Schwarzenegger than men — no surprise there — and older folks are more hostile than younger. Conservatives also hate Schwarzenegger, though not as much as liberals.

At this point, the prototypical Schwarzenegger supporter is a young, white, single guy who lives in San Francisco, has no fixed political views and dreams of someday having a lovechild of his own. Brah!

Assignment desk: Find that guy!

LA Weekly