There was a day when the faithful gathered, Bibles open heavenward, convinced Judgment Day was upon them and the Savior would appear any second. That day was Sept. 6, 1994, and the man behind the date was none other than Harold Camping, a civil engineer who developed a mathematical formula with which to tabulate the end-times. But a funny thing happened on the way to the Rapture, and Camping has since adjusted his numbers and bought billboards blasting the new juncture: May 21, 2011. One solitary Bible passage is used as evidence of the Rapture (1 Thessalonians 4:17 ), the notion of which was conjured up around 1830 and popularized by John Nelson Darby, the first of many end-times kooks. That said, Camping's billboards undoubtedly will inspire something, and just as Camping's Family Radio website quotes Ezekiel 33:3, “…blow the trumpet… warn the people,” the good folks over at Armadillicious Music beckon you to take shelter with the Judgment Day Festival, where, organizer Elissa Rosen promises, “The unbiased Hand of Judgment brought forth through the mighty deliverance of all that is rock will pimp-slap you sideways into eternity.” The prophetic, d-tuned, stoner rock frenzy features Ed Mundell's Ultra-Electric-Mega-Galactic, Totimoshi, Hallowed Engine, Ride the Sun, Sonic Medusa, A'rk & Olem, in what, as far as we can tell, will be a Rapture all its own.

Sat., May 21, 6 p.m., 2011

LA Weekly