Strange days, these. The economy seemed to have bottomed out around here sometime in summer, even as the recession was declared officially over … for a year. But rich guys, they play by their own rhythms, and the movement to bring the NFL back to L.A. seems to have more momentum than at any time since the Raiders left in 1994.

We echoed rumors Tuesday that Phil Anschutz, the billionaire behind the Staples Center-owning Anschutz Entertainment Group, was taking or about to take a 35 percent stake in the San Diego Chargers. Then, on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Earvin “Magic” Johnson announced he had partnered up with AEG to help bring the NFL back to L.A.

The question is …

… does the L.A. public (that means you) have the true desire to bring the NFL back to town?

Because if it happens downtown, it could mean having AEG take over a money-making city property, the Convention Center, and disruption of traffic for construction. Likewise, a competing bid by Majestic Realty to bring the NFL to the San Gabriel Valley will mean ripping up a large swath of the city of Industry.

So do you want it that bad?

Our commenter of the day, Fritz, says, yeah, we want it:

I'd buy season tickets. I miss the NFL being in LA. The only good team in LA is the Lakers and we need the NFL and the NFL need us.


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