It sounds like a bit from The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, but apparently hipsters might be the reason for the markup of Pabst Blue Ribbon and other mass market beer. According to Nation's Restaurant News, the price of an average drink out — spirits, wine and beer — has risen between October 2012 to April 2013.

A research study by the market research firm Restaurant Sciences found mainstream beers like PBR, Budweiser, and Coors Light lead in bigger markups among its category. Labeled “sub-premium,” these beers have increased an average of 6.8 percent price. In comparison, the price of “ultra-premium,” a.k.a. craft, and “super-premium” beers have had a smaller bump with a 1-2 percent increase.

The reason for the increase of PBR? The president of Restaurant Sciences Chuck Ellis ventured a guess: “That could be explained in part by the growing popularity of beers like Pabst Blue Ribbon among hipsters, who have embraced a retro attraction to the brand.”

It seems the marketing campaigns led by Big Beer may have paid off. For imbibers of mainstream brews, there's little need to swap out your favorite. At an average of $2.75, a round of PBR's will still cost less than pints of craft beer anyway.

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